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Pièces détachées pour voitures anglaises classiques

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Roue complète

454.25 EUR
vernie argent, 4,5J x 15" avec 60 rayons. Pneu: 165/80HR15 Vredestein Sprit Classic

TVR Vixen (1967-73)

Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR4, TR4A et TR5/250 (1953-68)

Morgan Plus 4 (1950-69) • 4/4 série II, III, IV, V et 1600 (1955-85)

MG MGA (1955-62) • MG-TD et MG-TF (1950-55)

Austin Healey BN1 et BN2 (1953-56)

To balance wire wheels properly you need experience and knowhow. To make things safe and simple for you we now offer a complete wheel and tyre assembly. These wheel and tyre sets are electronically balanced and inflated to the correct air pressure. We only supply Dunlop MWS wire wheels supplied as original equipment for many 1950 & 1960 period classic cars.