Jaguar and Daimler XJ (1997-2003) X308

Connoisseurs can distinguish it easily: The "youngtimer" X308, which differs only slightly from its predecessor X300. In any case, it is a very classic-looking collector's item that is a pleasure to drive. And thanks to our catalogue, we are always on hand with exactly the right spare parts for the X308.

Bernhard Prautzsch

knows the Jaguar spare parts catalogues (almost) by heart. He has held every single part of every classic Jaguar in his hands at least once.

Offers for your Jaguar X308

Carcaça do termostato
Número de produto: 488148
desenho melhorado em alumínio

62,24 €*
Pinça do travão
Número de produto: 495565
esquerdo atrás - á troca, para discos de 305mm

362,24 €*
Pinça do travão
Número de produto: 495564
direito atrás - á troca, para discos de 305mm

362,24 €*
Pinça do travão
Número de produto: 422957
esquerdo da frente - novo em cinzento. Pinça para discos com 355mm

1 326,41 €*
Kit da corrente de distribuição
Número de produto: 492434
versão melhorada, completo para o motor

548,99 €*
Interruptor de pressão
Número de produto: 426062
do ar condicionado - identificável pelo conector rectangular com 5 pins

57,76 €*
Número de produto: 348821
exterior - H7

286,10 €*
Bomba servo
Número de produto: 433645
recondicionado, á troca

932,77 €*
Adaptador especial
Número de produto: 220585
para o rotor de sincronização do ABS

156,72 €*
Número de produto: 329463
esquerda e direita, em aço inoxidável polído

67,89 €*
Bobina de ignição
Número de produto: 507057
tipo "on plug" com 4 pinos - reprodução

57,76 €*
Pinhão de ataque
Número de produto: 206908
oil pump - on crankshaft

379,67 €*
Suporte para a matrícula
Número de produto: 215112
á frente. Kit completo com dobradiça et pendural

189,21 €*
Kit de conversão dos travões
Número de produto: 505922
da frente para bomba de 4 pistões em alumínio e de discos ventilados

1 423,66 €*
Colector tubular
Número de produto: 207223
em aço inoxidável. Variante Big Bore com 2" de diâmetro. Agora com falanges em aço inoxidável.

598,00 €*

Exterior design

The exterior design of the X308 was largely taken over from its predecessor, the X300. The most recognisable features are the nostalgic four round headlights and the radiator grille with rounded edges. Distinguishing features are also the chrome trim on the bumpers and the curved bonnet.

The Daimler can be recognised by the detailed, curved lines on the radiator grille and the boot lid as well as the chrome trim. The Daimler Sovereign has a somewhat sportier appearance.

Interior design

The interior of the X308, on the other hand, has received some noticeable changes. For example, the new dashboard - embedded in fine burl wood - for the first time again leaves room for a glove compartment, which was displaced by an airbag in the XJ40.

The door panels and cockpit have been redesigned with softer, rounder lines that are more sweeping than the angular edges of the predecessor.

The X308's peculiarities are the low roof, typical of Jaguar, and the precisely measured legroom. For those who don't care too much, the wide-opening doors, extremely comfortable seats and smooth suspension are a delight.


The Jaguar X308 was also essentially based on the XJ40 platform and was offered as a four-door saloon with notchback in the versions XJ8, XJ Executive, Sovereign or Daimler V8.

The upgraded front axle gives the X308 greater agility - and therefore more driving pleasure - in all versions. The CATS (Computer Active Technology Suspension) shock absorbers developed by Jaguar also contribute to this. These are computer-controlled, using numerous sensors to support safety and ride comfort in Jaguar's fine models.

Optional extras for the Daimler version include an electric sliding and lifting roof, leather or wooden steering wheel and heated seats on all rows of seats. Very special are the fold-out tables made of walnut root wood with rosewood inlays or the lambskin carpets with high pile.


In the X308, the classic six and twelve-cylinder units of the predecessor were replaced for the first time by the new Jaguar eight-cylinder. Depending on the model, the vehicles equipped in this way can reach speeds of 225 km/h up to 250 km/h. The fuel consumption figures were within limits. Consumption figures remained within limits, between 12 and 13 litres per 100 kilometres.

Additionally equipped with the supercharged variant of the V8 engine were the Jaguar XJR models and the Daimler Super 8, which represented the top luxury class of the X308. The latter was also known outside Europe as the "Jaguar 4.0 Vanden Plas Supercharged" and, like the XJR, was driven to the rear wheels via five-speed automatic transmission.

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