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Elring Gasket paper

19 EUR
Gasket paper
for individual self-production of seals
Original Elring Gaskets in OEM-Quality: These do-it-yourself gasket kits are the perfect solution for sealing engines, gearboxes and differentials in case of a brake down or if the proper gasket isn’t available. The kit contains a sheet of gasket material with steel enforcement for work around the cylinder head or exhaust headers suitable for temperatures over 390°F (1, 25 mm thick), 1 sheet of gasket material suitable for valve covers, axle covers or gearboxes up to 390°F (0, 75 mm thick), 2 sheets of Elring Abil gasket paper for thermostat housings, flanges etc. with temperatures of 212°F max. (1x 0, 5 mm and 1x 1, 0 mm thick), each sheet dimension is 210 x 300 mm.
Making a gasket is easy, just convert the contours of the part or gasket onto the gasket sheet and cut out the seal with a cutter or scissors. The holes can be stamped out precisely with a hole punch. Small gaskets can be made quickly by stamping them with an inking pad. With a little exercise you get better gaskets when you do-it-yourself then those old pre-cut paper gaskets. For best results we recommend article no.:
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  1. Hole Punch

    Hole punch

    with 13 interchangeable heads from 5 to 35 mm
    Cod. articolo: 489737
    Kit: 34,00 € Incl. tasse
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