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For MG drivers, Abingdon is a sacred place. This cannot be due to the town itself, but rather to MG's self-image. The claim "Safety Fast" was the claim and result of the company's engineers for a long time. For the team at Limora, the MG mantra is still a commitment today: we serve all post-war MG series safely and quickly - so feel free to read on and click through our MG spare parts range!

All series models at a glance

If you are an MG lover, then you have found the right place. Whether it's an MG T-Type from the 1930s or a zippy MG Midget from the 1972 Olympic year - simply choose your car model. You will find what you are looking for directly in the tiles below. If you have any questions or special requests, or simply want some expert advice, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Offers for from our department stores

MG badge
Codice prodotto: 4146
front bumper - red letters, silver surface

73,35 €*
Codice prodotto: 490179
con pelliccia marrone, occhiali da aviatore e giacca con logo MG. Altezza del sedile circa 25 cm

29,00 €*
Codice prodotto: 490169
fermacarte Logo MG in acciaio inossidabile spazzolato. Dimensioni: 80 x 80 x 10 mm, peso 300 Grammi

46,99 €*
Codice prodotto: 471683
with a 76 cm span when fully open, 2 colour way panes in black and red plus extra strong fibreglass/polypropylene frame

49,00 €*
Limora Portachiavi
Codice prodotto: 531564
miniatura della guarnizione testa 4 cilindri MGA e MGB, lungo 73 mm

Varianti da 18,29 €*
21,49 €*
Baseball cap
Codice prodotto: 488854
with red MG Logo. Made from brush cotton, colour: black with a suede peak in red

19,99 €*

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You are now on the vehicle selection page for MG. Simply select your vehicle model directly in the images above and find the MG spare parts you were looking for. Our proven MG experts will be pleased to help you with all kinds of enquiries so that you can continue to enjoy driving your MG for a long time to come!