Pocket Wrench, the workshop in your pocket

inch, from 5/16" to 1", 12-way adjustable. Everything that is foldable is also practical. Meaning. For folding boats, folding caravans, folding boxes or folding canisters, this predicate - seen on its own - is quite valid. But when it comes to solidity and durability, many a folding or collapsible construction becomes a highly dubious pleasure. Especially when it comes to tools: good tools cannot be folded and tools that can be folded are not good. An ironclad principle among practitioners. From now on, no more.

Forget everything you thought you knew about adjustable spanners. Breaking jaws, an adjustment mechanism that doesn't deserve its name, and a jaw width that constantly adjusts are the reasons for the dubious reputation of the tool that you so often get at the special offer rummage tables in DIY stores and that even rare screwdrivers only pick up when there's nothing else around. A good idea, however, often only needs a new approach to come up with an astonishing result.

Here is the innovative new interpretation of the universal spanner that does not define "universal" as "a little bit suitable for everything, but not really suitable for anything". Available for metric or inch sizes, the waistcoat pocket spanner offers details that convince even professionals:

  • best tool steel
  • stable folding joint and solid locking sleeve
  • with hinged, spring-assisted Spacers, pocket knife principle
  • high-precision manufacturing for secure traction -
    folded size L x H <13 x 2 cm
  • high-quality workshop quality as good as a rigid wrench (a swiss knife is also renowned for the highest quality, despite - or perhaps because - you can fold it) - Imperial 5/16 "to 1", 12-way adjustable

Part number: 487862

Tools for the Awakening from hibernation

Sacca porta attrezzi arrotolata
Codice prodotto: 489698
made from dark brown leather with 17 high quality metric tools

288,00 €*
Cavalletti di montaggio
Codice prodotto: 342812
Caricabile con 4 tonnellate (2 tonnellate per cavalletto), altezza regolabile da 31 cm a 52 cm

39,00 €*
Spurgo impianto freni
Codice prodotto: 21558
an excellent way to take away the fuss and mess from bleeding hydraulic systems

29,00 €*
Thor Mallet
Codice prodotto: 878
with iron head fitted with copper/hide faces and wood handle. • length: 305 mm • head diameter: 38 mm • weight: 1070 g

39,00 €*
Set di strumenti di misurazione
Codice prodotto: 489745
termometro a infrarossi, multimetro digitale, morsetto di misura digitale Viene fornito in una pratica custodia in allum

149,00 €*
Limora Rullo strizzatore
Codice prodotto: 535394
con meccanismo a manovella. Rimuove facilmente l'umidità

119,00 €*