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Pezzi di ricambio Morris

La lungimiranza del direttore di Morris Motor Miles Thomas, che riconobbe la vendita di cellulari molto necessari nel secondo dopoguerra mentre la guerra era ancora in corso, rese possibile il successivo successo della Morris Minor. Insieme al designer della Mini Alec Issigonis, che riuscì a produrre un veicolo affidabile e confortevole quanto i modelli più costosi, il progetto divenne non solo realtà, ma addirittura un trionfo.

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Morris Minor

The Morris Minor is not a racing car, and it is not a luxury class classic car - yet it is undeniably special. With a lot of charm and an unwavering willingness to serve, the charming Two (or Four) Door Saloon took the hearts of its fans by storm. And not only in England: Various versions of the Minor were exported all over the world, where it is still a popular vehicle and collector's item today.

Morris Minor (1952-1971)

From early Minor to pre-war Morris Eight to post-war Minor MM, the Series II Morris Minor evolved: through minimalist comfort and practical handling, this one impressed like no car before. But another fact plays into it:

After the devastating effects of World War II, the Morris Minor was a boon to the public, who had an urgent need for roadworthy, rugged, and faithful vehicles that were affordable. Miles Thomas' foresight paid off and was reflected in unexpectedly high sales figures.

  • Shortly after the Minor went on sale, a station wagon, panel van and pick-up complemented the saloon and cabrio, which underwent only minor changes during production.
  • In 1956 the Morris now called the Morris Minor 1000, received the much more durable engine of the Austin A35.
  • In December 1960, the one millionth Morris left production - a special series was issued to mark the occasion.

Even today, the Morris Minor inspires - also due to the good parts supply. Today, the Morris Minor can often be acquired quite cheaply for a few thousand Euros. Larger versions and very well preserved models reach prices of 15 - 25 000€.

The Morris-Minor-the "English Volkswagen"

What makes the Morris so special? Quite simply: the Minor, developed by the gifted designer Alec Issigonis, is what the VW Beetle was in Germany in the 1950s and 1960s: the car.

Price-performance and modern production combined to create an unbeatably attractive proposition, which in 1960 was reflected in one figure in particular: one million units of the Morris Minor 1000 sold, for a total of 1.6 million.  This made the Morris the first British car to become a million-seller.

Brief history of the Morris Motor Company

Morris - a strong company that, since its founding in 1913, went from producing bicycles to becoming the largest manufacturer in Britain at the time and developed to the creator of an absolute classic. Shortly after the presentation of the most famous of all Morris vehicles, the Morris Minor of 1948, Morris (and its parent company Nuffield) merged with its largest competitor Austin Motor Company to form the British Motor Corporation.

With the decision of British Leyland's Austin Rover to concentrate more on the more successful Austin from now on, the end of the Morris was heralded. Since 1984, therefore, the Morris mobiles have finally been history. The legendary classics live on and still inspire a wide audience!

Morris spare parts at Limora

The Morris Minor is known among the British above all as indestructible. Due to its well-behaved nature to continue to work even when neglected, people relied on its robustness and so there are many, but unfortunately not too many well-preserved Morris. But the good thing is: Morris spare parts are easy to get!

In addition to Morris spare parts, we also supply a wide range of spare parts for the successor models Morris Marina and Morris Ital. Get answers to all questions about your classic from our experts. Write us or give us a call!