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Swissvax Master Collection

696.2 EUR
with German labelling. Includes all cleaners for interior and exterior with applicators and special towels. Please order the the Swizoil wax of your choice to complete your Entry Collection Set separate
The Swizöl Master Collection is the ultimate combination of convenience and practicality. Leather seats, wood, plastics, vinyl, wheels, tyres, chrome, brass, nickel, glass ... the Master Collection will enhance every detail of your automobile to stunning and perfect Concourse standard. Includes: Cleaner Fluid (pre-wax treatment) 250 ml Cleaner Fluid medium (scratch remover) 250 ml, Paint Rubber (clay bar), Quick Finish (quick detailing fluid) 250 ml, Car Bath (wash concentrate) 250 ml, Wheel (wheel cleaning concentrate) 250 ml, Mixing Bottle (spray bottle) 250 ml, MicroWash microfibre, Pneu (tyre dressing) 250 ml, Protecton (plastic restorer) 250 ml, Leather Cleaner 250 ml, Leather Milk 250 ml, Leather Cleaning brush, Metal Polish (chrome, aluminum) 50 ml, Wood Polish 50 ml, Autobahn wheel wax with PTFE 50 ml, Crystal (glass cleaner) 250 ml, 2 applicators (for wax and Cleaner Fluid), 3 towels, MicroPolish microfibre towel (blue), special brushes, Swizöl handbook, Cooler-Bag to insulate from high temperatures with variable dividers. Please combine the Master Collection with the wax of your choice.