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Tubo freno

Codice prodotto: 24898
front suspension - stainless steel braided

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front suspension - stainless steel braided

MG: MGB and MGB V8 if converted to modern telescopic dampers

Stainless steel braides brake hoses are for many reasons the first choice when replacing the original rubber hoses. The braking effect is better and more direct, because the force applied to the brake pedal does not inflate the brake hose, but is transmitted much more directly to the brake calipers. This improved braking point is the main argument of the proponents. In addition, these brake hoses have advantages resulting from the material. The hoses are insensitive to marten bites and do not age. Brake fluid does not age so quickly because the system is tight. Stainless steel brake hoses do not swell and do not become porous.